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An Ode to Mom... We really did listen!

So, Mother’s Day is this weekend, so here is your friendly reminder to get the special mama’s in your life a gift!

Anyways, Mother’s Day is about honoring moms for everything they do for us. Moms are the glue of the family because they are what holds everything together, regardless of how old you are. Maybe, you are spending Mother’s Day with your mom having brunch and mimosas, or you are letting mom have the day alone to sleep and be pampered (that sounds like a dream, right?), or maybe you are spending the day doing your mom's favorite activity? It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re spending the day with your mom.

Well, in honor of Mother’s Day, the Caya US team thought we would share our favorite “mom-isms”. You may be wondering, what a “mom-sim” is? A “mom-ism” is a phrase that your mom said to you growing up, whether it was inspirational, sarcastic, or a snide remark because you were “plucking her everlasting nerve” (see what I did there?). I wholeheartedly believe that “mom-isms” are passed down from generation to generation, I can open my mouth and my mom and grandmother both come out. There are quite a few “mom-isms” that all moms say regardless of their geographical location, and then there are some that are pretty much based on where you grew up.

We will start with the most famous one’s:

- Because I said so

- If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?

- Ask your father

- I said no, end of discussion

- Treat others the way you would want to be treated

- I saw that

- Be good

- Don’t talk with your mouth full

- Don’t make me turn this car around/come in there

- I brought you into this world and I can take you out

- Believe nothing of what you hear, but only half of what you see

- Life isn’t fair

- If you back talk one more time…

- I’m not asking, I’m telling

Southern Mama Momism’s:

- Were you raised in a barn?

- We will sit here until the cows come home

- You’ll catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar

- If wishes were horses than beggars will ride

- May as well be talking to a wall

- You’re barking up the wrong tree

- It’ll all come out in the wash

- Mmmhmmm… Bless your heart

- Gimme some sugar

- Pretty is as pretty does

Northern Mama Momism’s:

- Yeah, what about it?

- And your point is?

- Get a drink at the bubbler. I’m not paying two dollars for a bottle of water when you can get it for free

- Do you want an egg and cheese or the pink donut?

- Who wants to play candlepin?

- We are having American Chop Suey tonight for dinner

Midwest Mama Momism’s:

- Nunya… None of your business

- It’s not what I’ll give you if you do, it’s what I’ll give you if you don’t.

- You can get glad in the same clothes you were wearing when you got mad.

- I’m going to get all over you like a wet sock

- I hope you grow up and have six kids and they’re all just like you

- What’s that got to do with the price of pickles

- Do not eat snow off the car

Lastly, and probably the most famous one: Well, when you grow up and you become the parent, you can make all the rules, but as long as you live under my roof and you will follow my rules.

So, moms we were really listening to you between rolling our eyes and stomping up the stairs. We have taken your “mom-isms” to heart and we also now know the meanings behind them, for the most part. However, thank you for always being there with your words of wisdom.

Life doesn’t come with a manual… it comes with a mom! <3

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