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I Am Woman...Hear Me ROAR!

Do you know what day it is today? Yes, it’s March 30th but it is also “I Am in Control Day”, so first I want to give you a little back story on how this day came about. In 1981, Secretary of State Alexander Haig made the comment, “I am in control here,” in response to an interview question after the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. This comment was taken out of context by the media (shocker), but his words have been used to create a day in which you put yourself first.

“I Am in Control…” – That is a pretty bold statement, and I love it! My immediate thought was about women, their contraception, and reproductive healthcare, especially with everything going on in the world today. It’s time that women take control over our bodies and make our own decisions about which contraception methods we want to use!

So, why does Caya give you control?

The Caya Diaphragm is a one-size-fits-most barrier contraceptive method that is available in the US with a prescription from your healthcare provider. The Caya contains no hormones, it’s safe, and easy to use. Its unique, contoured shape was designed with the female anatomy in mind so it comfortable to wear. The Caya is a great option because it isn’t something that you have to take every day, worry about if you can’t feel your strings, it doesn’t give you any crazy side effects (decreased libido, mood swings, weight gain, etc.). You just literally put it in before intercourse and leave it in 6 hours afterwards, you may have to add more spermicide if you are having repeated intercourse, but that is it. The Caya is simple and puts you in complete control if your contraception!

Who is the Caya right for?

Any woman of course! 😊 but if you want a little more detail on that...

· The Caya fits 65-80 mm of the old traditional diaphragm- this will fit about 80% of women

· When you medically require a non-hormonal contraceptive due to an increased risk of thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, congenital severe lipid metabolic disorder, acute pancreatitis, impaired glucose intolerance, etc.

· If you desire a non-hormonal method birth control

· For women with latex allergies

· When you desire a back up method for birth control (like if you missed your pill)

· A great method for women in between pregnancies or if you are a lactating mother

· If you are having infrequent intercourse

The Caya is a perfect option for women who are seeking a natural and safe contraception.

If you are having a difficult time trying to get your Caya Diaphragm, call one of our dedicated representatives. They will help you find a provider to prescribe it or a pharmacy to dispense it for you.

This is your life. Your health. Your body. Take control of it! Don’t let anyone stop you from making decisions when it comes to YOU!

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