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Just Because It’s National Cuddle Up Day… Doesn’t Mean You Forget About Your Caya!

The weather outside is frightful, but the cuddles are so delightful <3

Strap up your winter boots because January’s “boot-knockin” holidays are upon us! January isn’t just a month of cold weather but it is also the host of some rather interesting National Days, like National Cuddle Up Day and National Hug Day.

Did you know that cuddling releases hormones, such as oxytocin and dopamine? And are you aware of what oxytocin and dopamine do? Also, did you know that cuddling has health benefits due to the hormone release? That is a lot of questions I know, but let me explain why you should hurry home and cuddle up!

Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone” or “cuddle hormone” is released when people bond socially or cuddle up. Oxytocin is also known to reduce pain, so on the frigid cold winter days, you will want to cuddle up because it will help with all of your aches and pains. The health benefit of Oxytocin, is it reduces heart disease, lowers your blood pressure, and helps with stress and anxiety. Who said cuddling, didn’t do the heart good?

Dopamine is known as “the pleasure neurotransmitter” and when you are nestled up with your significant other, Dopamine is released and one thing leads to another… if you know what I mean. However, Dopamine isn’t just released for the pleasure aspect, but it helps with improving your memory. This could totally be why you remember what you forgot while grocery shopping.. or is that just me?

Now, with it being National Cuddle Up Day and all, if you go home and your significant other asks to cuddle to “make them feel better”, remember this can go two ways.

1. You can totally make them feel better with your cuddles by letting the weight of the world disappear for a little bit of time.


2. They just really want some beneath the blanket cuddles and this is where your Caya Diaphragm will come into play.

Just remember, if you are trying to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, be sure to insert your Caya before you get nestled up in the blankets for your night time (or daytime) cuddle sesh.

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