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Sex and the Holidays: Part 1

It’s time for some trivia! What date is the most common birthday?

Did you guess September 16th? This means that most people conceive during the winter holidays! (Gasp)… with the holiday season upon us there are a few things you may want to consider and prepare for to help prevent pregnancy this holiday season.

Blame it on the A A A A A Alcohol

Blame it on the booze

Got you feeling loose

This is most likely the reason why people conceive over the holidays. Between holiday parties and New Year’s Eve the alcohol is flowing and inhibitions are down. Alcohol can make people forget… forget condoms, forget to take their birth control pill, or even forgetting to get their birth control shot during the craziness of the holidays.

But, if you had the Caya diaphragm as your go to method, you can be protected. The Caya comes with a case that you can discretely keep in that clutch purse you bought for the party to match your dress! You can insert the Caya up to two hours before intercourse (score!) so if you know you will be getting down with the hot guy from the IT department at the office holiday party, you are protected!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Winter= Germs

People get sick during the winter months, it happens. Even if you are sick you still go out shopping, so you are spreading viruses, bacteria, and flu germs everywhere you touch.


So, you go to the doctor and you get an antibiotic, so you think you’re good right? Wrong. If you are on an antibiotic it may interfere with the effectiveness of your birth control pills which raises your chance of getting pregnant if you do not have a back up method.

This is where the Caya diaphragm can be an option for an additional back-up birth control method. You can use Caya during the rest of your cycle to ensure you are safe and protected from an unwanted pregnancy.

Stress Reliever

The holidays are usually a joyful time, but let’s not forget that it can also be a stressful time. You may have your in-laws visiting or you may have an unexpected Cousin Eddie show up, but stress doesn’t just come from family. Financial stress may impact you as well, from not having enough money for gifts to expecting an end of the year bonus that never arrives (so don’t go buying a pool!) We are all impacted by stress in more ways than one, so don’t be a Clark Griswold this holiday season!

So how does stress and sex factor into your reproductive health? Well, stress can mess with your cycle causing it to be early, late, or missing it all together. Stress can make you forgetful or even careless, so one way you can eliminate forgetting to take your pill daily is to choose a method of contraception you use just during sex. The Caya diaphragm is a perfect non-hormonal method for spur of the moment sex. You can travel with the Caya in it’s carrying case for when you are out of town visiting family during the holidays or it can be sitting on your night stand for any time you are ready for a late-night rendezvous. Not having to remember to take something daily may end up relieving a little bit of stress!

Go hang some mistletoe and enjoy the festivities or stay in bed and have your own party— Just remember to use your Caya Diaphragm!

If you need help getting a prescription for Caya, call one of our representatives today!

Happy Holidays from Caya US!

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