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Sex and the Holidays: Part 2

What Happens Under The Mistletoe... Doesn't Always Stay Under The Mistletoe

If we learned anything in Sex and the Holiday’s Part I, is that the holiday season is boinking prime time, which results in lots of babies being born in September. But if you are trying to prevent pregnancy this holiday season, be sure to have your Caya Contraceptive Diaphragm close by!

Wrapping Up in a Warm Festive Moment

This ‘did you know’ moment is brought to you by Caya US:

Did you know that there are twice as many condoms sold in the weeks leading up to the holidays than any other time of the year? Yet, there are still contraception slip-ups!

Although, all this money is spent on condoms, there are still people having unprotected sex (shocker), which leads to an unplanned pregnancy. It’s not just the guys though, women tend to forget about their “pill” when they travel home for the holidays or because businesses close early during the holiday’s they end up missing a few pills. However, with the Caya diaphragm you don’t have to worry about that! The Caya is good for up to 2 years after the first use, so you don’t have to stress about a closed pharmacy or forgetting your pills when you head home for the holidays. The best part, you don’t have to rely on a guy for a condom.

*Just remember, the Caya does not protect you from STI’s, so for extra protection, please use a condom. I mean, they guys should have plenty stocked up!

Chilly Days…and Long Nights

When winter rolls around, it’s cold and dark outside, there is nothing you want to do more than to get into bed and keep warm under the covers. Many scientists believe that a spike in fertility is due to the change in seasons, but it’s said that men produce higher quality sperm in the winter. Not only do men’s sperm change with the seasons, but women’s ovum receptivity changes due to the daylight length in the winter. You may want to keep that tidbit of information in mind when you are cuddled up in bed on a cold winter night.

Eggnog Regrets

But for real though…

I will place money that you probably have a holiday party or some type of festivity at least once a week until the New Year. So, that means you will be guzzling down some festive beverages while you are in attendance. Did you know that office holiday parties are usually the rowdiest? In a survey that Ann Summers, a UK lingerie and erotic retailer did, discovered that out of 2,000 respondents, 39% went “all the way to the North Pole” with a colleague at the office holiday party! Apparently, when you work closely with someone 40 hours a week, you can develop feelings for them and if you toss in an Eggnog Ice Luge, you may end up in parking lot or the boardroom. So, if you have a feeling that something like that may go down, you may want to insert your Caya Diaphragm prior to the party!

So, please be sure to tell him to wrap his gift before he gives it to you, or better yet… make sure you have your Caya Diaphragm on hand. If we have learned anything based off the statistics of holiday season conception, not everything that happens until the Mistletoe, stays under the Mistletoe.

Happy Holidays from Caya US!

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