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“She don’t want a man, she just wants to dance…”

Get out there and do you boo! It is YOUR WEEK, but seriously it really is. It’s National Flirting Week and Singles’ Awareness Day on Friday. Yes, it’s also Valentine’s Day on Thursday, however that is just one day this week where you just need to ignore the world around you. Or better yet, drown it out during your week-long celebration of what the #CayaUSTeam likes to call, “National Single Ladies Week”.

Girl, you got 7 days dedicated to you, so here are a few suggestions on how you can celebrate!

1. Do Whatever the Hell You Want

You want Chinese for dinner? Wine? Ice Cream and Chocolate? Then eat it. Lay around in bed or on the couch. Don’t Clean. Don’t dress up and do your makeup if you don’t feel like it. Netflix? They have so many new binge-worthy shows out there. There is always time for Lifetime and Hallmark movies. Who doesn’t love wandering around Target aimlessly buying stuff they don’t need? You don’t have to answer to anyone. So seriously, do whatever the hell you please, no one is stopping you.

2. Sleep

I’m a huge fan of this one. I hope when you were at Target you picked up a nice comfy, fuzzy blanket! Curl up under that sucker and sleep. You can sleep in until noon or just take random naps throughout the day. Heck, you can sleep sideways or sprawl all out, you don’t have to share the bed, unless you have a dog or cat (then maybe you must share some of the bed).

3. Girl’s Night

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night, your friends”.

Plan where you are going then send the infamous text, “what are you going to wear: are we getting dressy dressy or dressing homeless”. Have fun out on the town, drink cocktails, gossip over dinner, hit a club, just have a fun girls night!

4. I mean… it’s National Flirting Week—Do That!

One word: Tender.

You don’t even have to change out of your pajamas to get your flirt on.

If you want to dress up: Go out for drinks. Hit the gym. Go to the grocery store. Dog Park. It doesn’t matter where you go, you can find someone to flirt with for fun.

5. Send Yourself Gifts

Who doesn’t love coming home to see a package sitting in front of their door? Buy yourself a case of nice wine, that handbag you have been wanting, or a couple of new outfits or shoes.

Splurge on yourself!

6. Travel

Let’s just say you have the money and the frequent flyer miles to go somewhere, where would you go? Paris, Ireland, Rome? Then go! You have no one stopping you from the trip of a lifetime, grab your best girl friend and head over to a travel agent and plan the trip! If you can’t afford the extravagant trip, then do something low key. Grab some friends and rent an Airbnb in a city a few hours away. You all can go wine-tasting, hit a spa (see below), or visit a popular local place. Plus, who doesn’t love a road trip with their girls?

7. Pamper Yourself

Spa Day! Get yourself a massage, facial, spray tan, a mani/pedi, and top it off with a new hairstyle. Coco Chanel says it best, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life”. How is that for inspiration on pampering yourself?

There is nothing wrong with being single, especially during Valentine’s Day.

Let me say this again for the people in the back… There is nothing wrong with being single!

Listen, Prince Charming is going to come along one day, I promise and when he does, you will have to compromise on what you want to binge watch on Netflix. It’s the absolute worse, plus they aren’t Lifetime and Hallmark movie fans either, ugh.

But until then... be single. Own it. Be yourself. Express Yourself. Love yourself. Respect Yourself.

Have fun-- And if you are planning on having a lot of fun this week, just remember your Caya!

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