Caya is a soft, flexible, contoured diaphragm that covers the cervix. It is a hormone-free birth control alternative, with no side effects. It is woman-controlled and can be dispensed or prescribed by providers. It’s simple, effective birth control you provide.

Which Patients might benefit from Caya?

Caya can be used by most women. However, it may be particularly ideal for those who don’t want hormones for either a specific medical reason or personal preference. 

  • Breast feeding
  • Under risk of thrombosis
  • Allergic to latex
  • Prefer natural planning
  • Prefer no side effects
  • Six-weeks post-pregnancy
  • Undergoing Cancer Treatment
  • Want a back-up contraception
  • Doesn’t need to regulate periods
  • Want a birth control they control

You might also review our Why Caya page to discover more about why women are using Caya.

Three ways to provide Caya to your patients


Dispense at Appointments

The quickest and most efficient way for them to obtain Caya is directly from you during their appointment.


Mail Order

Issue a Caya prescription for fulfillment via mail-order pharmacy with delivery directly to your patient’s home. 



Issue a Caya prescription for fulfillment and pick up at your patient’s local pharmacy.

EduCare Kit: Coaching in One Box


Our FREE Caya EduCare Kit simplifies the process of teaching your patients about Caya. Each purple box allow you to:

  • Educate the patient about insertion and removal
  • Show the patient how to clean and care for Caya
  • Provide the patient with take-home information

*Dispose of the single-use diaphragm (with the hole) after appointment. Do not let the patient take it home.

Provider Resources & Brochures 

All of our printed provider guidelines are also here as PDFs. You can open or download them anytime, and please contact us for printed copies. 

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