Safe, strong, & sexy

Birth control you use when you’re ready

Woman-Controlled Hormone-free Birth Control

There are so many reasons why women are choosing Caya. It’s an ideal solution for women who want a hormone-free birth control option. Unlike other medical or prescription contraceptives, Caya is used only when it’s needed, at the moment it’s needed.

Designed to Fit Most Women

Caya’s unique, contoured shape was thoughtfully designed by women to fit the female anatomy. It is formed using durable and flexible silicone and lasts up to two years.

Why Women Love Caya

  • Hormone Free
  • No side effects
  • Comfortable
  • Use only when needed
  • Economical choice
  • Easy to use

When we asked users to report about their experience with Caya, overwhelmingly they found it both comfortable to use and to wear. Here’s what Caya users say:


Were more relaxed having sex with Caya


Found their partners also liked Caya


Found it didn’t interfere with sex


Found it was easy to use

Who can use Caya?

Caya can be used by most women. However, it may be particularly ideal for those who don’t want hormones for either a specific medical reason or personal preference. 

  • Breast feeding
  • Under risk of thrombosis
  • Allergic to latex
  • Prefer natural planning
  • Prefer no side effects
  • Six-weeks post-pregnancy
  • Undergoing Cancer Treatment
  • Want a back-up contraception
  • Doesn’t need to regulate periods
  • Want a birth control they control

Pregnancy Probabilities

No contraceptive method guarantees 100% safety from unwanted pregnancy. The more often Caya is correctly inserted, and used with a spermicidal gel, the more safety this method will offer.


OPTIMAL USE: Over 12 months when Caya is used together with buffering spermicidal gel.


TYPICAL USE: Over 12 months when Caya is used together with Gynol II®.

Bernhart KT, Rosenberg MJ, MacKay HT, et al. Contraceptive efficacy of a novel spermicidal icrobicide used with a diaphragm. Obstet Gynecol. 2007 Oct; 110(3):577-586.

Hormone-free Birth Control Benefits

Caya is 100% hormone-free birth control method so it has neither the side effects or potential risks associated with taking hormones. No weight gain. No migraines. It’s ideal for those with certain medical conditions or women who are breastfeeding.