The Story of the SILCS Diaphragm

Reinventing the Past to Reshape the Future of Contraception

The story of how SILCS was inspired and shaped by women and couples around the world to be comfortable, simple to use, and easy to provide is the story of how a wide range of partners collaborated with PATH to bring the product to life—from early design development partner SILCS, Inc., to German manufacturer Kessel medintim GmbH (Kessel), to funder the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), research and regulatory partner CONRAD, and researchers across the globe.

Women said they wanted access to more methods that were under their control, had no side effects, and could protect from STIs. We thought that sounds a lot like a diaphragm, so we asked why had diaphragms stopped being available?

– Maggie Kilbourne-Brook, Senior Program Officer, PATH