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Caya requires a prescription, but not a fitting

In the United States, the Caya® diaphragm requires a prescription from either your healthcare provider* or a Telehealth professional. Caya is a one-size-fits most diaphragm and does not require a pelvic exam or fitting.

* Physicians, nurse practitioners, and certified midwives can write prescriptions.

There are Two Ways to Get a Caya Prescription

A Local Healthcare Provider

The traditional solution

Your healthcare provider can give you a prescription to Caya, which you can take to the pharmacy of your choice or send to a Mail Order Pharmacy.

Since not all providers are aware of Caya, you may want to print the Physician Information Card to give to them during your visit.

A Telehealth Provider

The easiest and most convenient solution

Meet with a provider online from the convenience of your home and receive a prescription for the Caya diaphragm.

Have your telehealth Provider send your prescription to a Mail Order Pharmacy to have your Caya delivered directly to your door or pick it up at the pharmacy of your choice.

Already have a prescription? There are two ways to have it filled

Local Pharmacy

Most pharmacies can fill your prescription for Caya. A list of pharmacies that offer Caya can be found here. If the pharmacist says the Caya is unavailable, please give them the reimbursement number to look it up: 63704-0020-01. If you are still having trouble, we can help; contact our team.

Mail Order Pharmacy

There are two Mail Order Pharmacies that always
stock Caya and are ready to receive, fill, and ship your
Caya to your preferred address. Download and print the order form from either American Mail Order Pharmacy or Health Warehouse Mail Order to get started.

We’re here at (800) 850-1657
or available by live chat to answer your questions.