Your Questions Answered

No. Because Caya is hormone free, it will not affect how you feel about having sex. The moment of intimacy shouldn’t be interrupted by use either, as insertion can be done up to two hours ahead of sex, and Caya needs to be left in for 6 hours after sex.
Not likely. The dome of the Caya diaphragm is soft, like your cervix, and so it feels natural. In rare cases, the partner may feel the rim of the diaphragm, but the majority of men reported no change in their experience.
Yes, you can have sex more than once after inserting Caya. Just leave Caya in place and remove six hours after the last time you have sex.
Any spermicide or contraceptive gel that is WATER-BASED will work, such as VCF Gel. If you’re having trouble getting the gel please contact our team.
Spermicide gel is available over the counter at most retail pharmacies. VCF Gel is the most commonly used water-based spermicide, and for your convenience, it can be purchased directly from the Caya distributor. Please message, email, or call our team to learn more. Contraceptive Gel is only available via prescription. We suggest visiting your healthcare provider or a telehealth provider familiar with Contraceptive Gel to learn more.
Two years from the first use. After 2 years, the nylon ring inside Caya loses its “bounce back,” which can make it less effective. We recommend you write the date of first-use on the box, or put a note in your calendar to order a new one earlier than 2 years from the first-use date. Any Caya diaphragm older than 2 years, no matter how often it was used, should be discarded.
In addition to the spermicide, you can use water-soluble lubricants to combat dryness, and condoms to guard against sexually transmitted disease. Be sure the lubricant is not silicone oil based, as that can damage Caya. However, using condoms with a small amount of silicone oil will not damage Caya.
After use, simply wash Caya by hand with soap and warm water, and let it air dry. Any mild bathroom soap will work. Even if the Caya diaphragm drops in the toilet, or on the floor, warm soap and water is all that is needed. Do not boil it in water.
Yes, to download a brochure in Spanish, click here. Sí, para descargar un folleto en español, haga clic aquí.
"Typical use" is when usage is not consistent or always correct, whereas "perfect use" refers to consistent and always correct usage. For the Caya, this includes proper insertion, using a spermicidal or contraceptive gel, and leaving the Caya in for at least 6 hours after sex each and every time.
Slight shifting is normal due to the contoured shape. However, if it comes out during sex it’s likely not been inserted properly. Re-insert the Caya diaphragm after applying more contraceptive gel. If it comes out after your partner has ejaculated, it’s best to visit your healthcare provider (within 72 hours) to discuss emergency contraception options.
Neither you nor your partner are likely to feel it inside, covering your cervix. However, you should be able to feel it with your finger to ensure it’s in the right place, covering your cervix. If you’re concerned with the fit, you can take it into your healthcare provider to ensure the fit.
Yes, but this is unusual. If you notice that your Caya is damaged in some way, especially after sex, it’s best to visit your healthcare provider (within 72 hours) to discuss emergency contraception options. A torn or damaged Caya diaphragm should be replaced.
No. Caya is a form of contraception, and is not designed to manage your period.
Yes. You can swim, bathe, or relax in a hot tub before or after the Caya is inserted.
Please contact your health provider. It may be an indication that something else is wrong, such as having a reaction to the spermicide. If you do have a vaginal infection, it’s best to replace your Caya diaphragm after your treatment ends.
Wearing the Caya diaphragm for more than 24 hours can promote bacterial growth, which can lead to infection and Toxic Shock Syndrome (very rare). We recommend contacting your healthcare provider to see if an examination is necessary.
No. Caya is one size fits most however, if you have concerns about Caya fitting you or if you are inserting it correctly, you can meet with your healthcare provider. If you know of any reproductive concerns or abnormalities that might prevent you from using Caya—or using it correctly—it's best to meet with your provider first. If you are having trouble finding a provider please give Caya a call or message and we can help.
Yes. The United States FDA requires that patients have a prescription for the diaphragm. Your healthcare provider can dispense Caya to you at your appointment, or provide you with a prescription for you to fulfill. See our Get Caya page for prescription fulfillment options.
Most insurances cover the cost of the diaphragm. If you are concerned it’s best to contact your insurance company to confirm the amount they will cover.
If your provider doesn't know Caya, we can help: Call Caya. We will be happy to contact your healthcare provider and send them a Caya Provider Education Kit or connect you with a Caya preferred provider in your area.
Yes. While many retail pharmacies (Walmart, Target, CVS, etc.) can fulfill your Caya prescription, a Mail Order Pharmacy option is readily available to ship Caya directly to your home in all 50 United States. See our Get Caya page for Mail Order instructions and other prescription fulfillment options.
Spermicides are readily available over-the-counter at most retail pharmacies, and therefore are not covered by insurance. Contraceptive gels are only available by prescription. Check with your insurance provider to see if it is covered.
Some pharmacies have never heard of Caya and automatically assume they don't have it available, but Caya is available at most retail pharmacies (Except Walgreens)! If your pharmacy doesn't know Caya, please share Caya's Reimbursement Number (RN) with them: 63704-0020-01. If they still say it is unavailable, we can help! Call or message Caya. We will be happy to contact your pharmacy for you or connect you with another pharmacy familiar with Caya in your area.
Contact us. In addition to product education on our site, we will send a Caya Provider Education Kit to you. We can also add you to our preferred provider list.
Call Caya. To dispense the Caya diaphragm in your office, simply set up an account with HPSRx and you can order the Caya direct. We require a copy of your state medical license. We can also add you to our preferred provider list so we can refer patients in your area who are seeking help with Caya. Let us know if you would like a Caya Provider Education Kit sent to you.
The Caya® contoured diaphragm is an innovative single-sized design that fits most women. In a clinical study, clinicians assessed fit and determined that Caya could fit almost all the women in the study (97.6%). Those who Caya didn't fit were sized to fit the smallest and largest size of the conventional diaphragm (50-60mm and 85-90mm). Although most women will not need a fitting exam with Caya, you will still need to ensure your patient is able to insert, correctly position, and remove Caya comfortably. To learn about insertion, visit our How to Use Caya page or order a Caya Provider Education Kit, which comes with a fit sample.  
Contact us. Our provider kits contain information for you and also your patients. Included are brochures, quick-reference guides, and more. Especially important, each kit comes with our purple test-fit sample boxes. Each test-fit box provides all the necessary tools to conduct a fitting session and educate your patients effectively. Caya Test-Fit Samples Boxes come in our Provider Education Kits, but you can also order them separately.