Four Steps for Using and Inserting a Diaphragm

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When considering a diaphragm like Caya®, women often wonder about the steps and ease of inserting a diaphragm. In this post, we’ll break down those steps for using this female diaphragm. 

How easy is it to insert a diaphragm?

Caya is a barrier method of birth control. Caya is positioned over your cervix to create a barrier, so sperm can’t reach the eggs in your womb (uterus). It’s inserted into your vagina before sex. Just how easy is inserting a diaphragm? 

About 80% of Caya users correctly inserted and confirmed the correct position of their diaphragm in the vagina after just reading the instructions.

If you’ve been using products like DivaCup or other menstrual cups, you will already feel comfortable with the vaginal insertion steps.

Lizzie, a Caya user, said, “I found it very easy to put in… popping it in is quite easy. I would highly suggest practicing a few times… and reading the Caya website as well.”

For those who’ve never used vaginal menstrual or barrier birth control products, you’ll first need to find your cervix so you can position the contoured diaphragm properly. 

Step 1: Find your cervix and pelvic bone

The diaphragm covers the cervix and is positioned in the upper part of the vagina, between the pubic bone and the vaginal walls. You can find your cervix by using your index finger to feel inside your vagina. The cervix feels like the tip of your nose.

Next, you’ll need to find your pubic bone just in front of your cervix. The narrowest end of the Caya diaphragm—the arrow/finger pull—will rest here.

finding cervix and public bone before inserting diaphragm

Caya (and the gel) can be inserted up to 2 hours before sex,
even if you’re going swimming.

Step 2: Prepare the diaphragm for insertion

It is recommended to use Caya in combination with a spermicide or contraceptive gel. Caya (and the gel) can be inserted up to 2 hours before sex. You can insert it, even if you’re going swimming. 

Before insertion, fold Caya using the grip dimples on each side and squeeze about one teaspoon of spermicide or contraceptive gel into each of the folds.

With your finger, spread the gel around the rim of the Caya diaphragm. This helps make insertion into the vagina easier and creates a spermicidal barrier along the edges.

Hold the Caya diaphragm with one hand. Place the thumb and index finger on the grip dimples along the rim, squeezing it lightly for insertion. Make sure the arrow is pointing toward your body.

gel for diaphragm
spreading gel for the diaphragm
inserting the diaphragm

Step 3: Insert the diaphragm

Using your free hand, spread the labia at the opening of your vagina. Push Caya deeply along the back vaginal wall (towards your back) until the cervix rests inside the cup.

Using your finger, verify your cervix is covered by the membrane of the Caya diaphragm. If you can feel the cervix through the cup, then it is in the correct position. If not, remove the diaphragm and try inserting it again.

inserting the diaphragm is not difficult
verify position of diaphragm

Once you have verified the position of the Caya diaphragm, you are now ready to have sex. 

If you decide to have sex again while the diaphragm is still inserted, you will need to add more gel. Do not remove the diaphragm but instead, use a gel applicator.

Step 4: Remove the diaphragm

After sex, you need to leave Caya in your vagina for at least six hours before it’s removed. This allows enough time for the sperm to become ineffective and reduces the chance of pregnancy. However, the diaphragm shouldn’t remain in the vagina for more than 24 hours.

To remove the diaphragm, insert one finger into the vagina and pull out the Caya diaphragm using the removal dome.

Removing the diaphragm

Using and cleaning Caya diaphragm

In addition to spermicide, you can use water-soluble lubricants to combat dryness and condoms to guard against sexually transmitted diseases. Be sure the lubricant is not silicone oil based, as that can damage Caya.

After use, wash the diaphragm carefully with soap and water. Dry gently with a soft clean cloth or let it air dry. Store Caya in its case when not in use. You can reuse your diaphragm for up to 2 years.

Each time you use Caya, examine it carefully to ensure that there are no pin-holes or thin spots and that the spring rim is fully enclosed by silicone rubber. You might also label your case with the first use date to ensure you replace it within 2 years.


More information about ordering Caya and other questions

You’ll need a prescription for Caya in the US, so visit our Get Caya page for details. You can also visit our website for detailed instructions about How to Use Caya. You’ll also find answers to the most common questions in our FAQ on our website. You’re also welcome to contact us via phone or chat with a customer service representative. We’re reshaping your options for contraception.