Three Reasons Women are Choosing Hormone-free Birth Control

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A contraceptive or female diaphragm, like our Caya® contoured diaphragm, is a birth control option that is woman-controlled and affordable. This method is also providing women with a hormone-free contraception option. Read on to find out what that means and why you might choose a hormone-free birth control like Caya.

What is a hormone-free birth control method?

Unlike birth control pills, which alter your body’s natural hormones, a non-hormonal contraceptive uses another strategy to prevent pregnancy. Caya is a barrier method.

Inserted into the vagina before sex, Caya is a shallow cup, shaped to the female anatomy, positioned over your cervix to create a barrier, so sperm can’t reach the eggs in your womb (uterus). The medical device doesn’t alter your body chemistry, and no hormones are involved.

Other barrier methods similar to Caya include condoms and sponges. While each barrier method has its advantages, the Caya diaphragm, when coupled with a water-based spermicide or contraceptive gel, further reduces the possibility of pregnancy without the use of hormones.

Here are three reasons a woman might choose this hormone-free birth control method.

One: Hormone-free birth control has fewer side effects

Ask a group of women what they’ve experienced while on birth control pills, and you’ll likely build a list of side effects similar to those outlined by the Mayo Clinic: Nausea, elevated blood pressure, weight gain, headaches, mood changes, and even decreased sex-drive.

These, combined with breakthrough bleeding or spotting, are often cited as a reason to choose a hormone-free contraception option like Caya. This contoured diaphragm doesn’t produce such side effects because it is a silicone device.

It’s recommended that Caya be used with a water-based spermicide or contraceptive gel to provide additional protection that helps reduce the likelihood of pregnancy.

Two: Some women want to use hormone-free contraception while breastfeeding

Your new baby has arrived, and now you may be wondering two things. Is a hormone-free option better for my baby? And is it better for me right now?

While there are no harmful effects on infants, if the mother uses a hormonal contraceptive, the milk supply may be reduced for some women.

According to the La Leche League International, contraceptive pills that contain estrogen may be “linked to reduced milk supply and early cessation of breastfeeding… It is only recommended to use contraceptives containing estrogen with caution, particularly those mothers who have had challenges with their milk supply.

Caya and other non-hormonal barrier methods don’t have such hormones, so they certainly provide an option for some women.

Additionally, breastfeeding alone, according to Healthline, isn’t always a consistent or fail-safe form of birth control. Consequently, the added benefit of Caya for breastfeeding women is that it provides an additional barrier to help reduce the possibility of pregnancy without the added hormones.

If you’re concerned about preventing pregnancy while breastfeeding, you should talk to your healthcare provider about hormone-free birth control options like Caya and find one that is right for you.

Three: Hormone-free contraception is an option for women with medical conditions.

For some women, pre-existing conditions or medical concerns preclude them from taking birth control pills and influence the need to seek a hormone-free option like Caya.

This includes women with a history of blood clots, heart or artery disease, high blood pressure, or those undergoing cancer treatments. The estrogen and/or progesterone in various birth control pills can lead to additional complications.

Consequently, for women with such conditions who want to reduce the possibility of pregnancy, a Caya contoured diaphragm becomes a desirable hormone-free option.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, selecting Caya or the right birth control option requires careful consideration, and we recommend you discuss your options with your healthcare provider.

How do you get a Caya diaphragm?

If you determine that Caya is an ideal hormone-free contraception option for you in the United States, you need a prescription. There are two ways to get the Caya diaphragm prescription. You can get Caya by visiting your provider, or the easiest method is via telehealth. Visit our Get Caya page on our website for more details.

Caya offers hormone-free birth contrl

Want more information about the Caya diaphragm birth control?

At Caya, we’re here to answer questions you might have. Check out our FAQ on our website. If you still have questions, contact us via phone or chat with a customer service representative, or sign up for our newsletter. We’re reshaping your options for contraception.